ABot Advanced by Avishkaar

The Avishkaar ABot Advanced Kit is a comprehensive DIY kit for STEM robotics and coding designed specifically for children aged 8 and up. It contains over 60 parts, including metal parts, motors, sensors, wheels, USB cables, screws, nuts, an Allen wrench, and a wrench. With these parts, children can build 10 different robots, from simple vehicles to more complex constructions The set reminded me of the mBot when I set it up, as it was also based on a sturdy metal construction. The included stickers and the tool are nice. The instructions were easy to understand and I didn’t find any errors or had any problems assembling. The app for remote control and programming must be activated with the product code and the user must be registered before using it for the first time. When deploying, e.g. in the classroom, you should have done this in advance. By the way, the 9V block battery visible in the video is not included when purchased from a dealer, but a full-fledged battery pack. I only use the 9V battery because of delivery problems. Overall, however, it is interesting that the robot makes this possible at all. I’m playing with the idea of connecting a solar cell here and operating the robot with solar energy…like a real Mars rover…

Here is more detailed information:

  • Easy to build programmable robots: With this kit, kids can create 10 different robots with over 60 pieces. This includes metal parts, an easily programmable brain, motors, sensors (2x light sensor, 1x touch sensor/button), wheels, USB cables, screws, nuts, an Allen key, a wrench, cables, and instructions.
  • Control via mobile app: The robots can be controlled via a remote control app. They can also be programmed using a visual block-based programming environment (similar to Scratch/Blockly).
  • Learning Objectives: With the ABot Advanced Kit, children learn robotics, programming, construction, mechanical design and problem solving.
  • Compatibility: The mobile app is compatible with iOS 11 or later and Android 10 or later.
  • Inexpensive Kit: The ABot Advanced Kit offers a sturdy metal frame to which motors and sensors can be attached. For the equivalent of about 60€, the set offers good value for money. Maybe the set will soon be available at a German retailer.

You can find a comprehensive assembly video of one of the 10 robot models here:

The set is available here: https://shop.avishkaar.cc/products/abot-advanced