LegoWorld Utrecht 2018 Photos

Video showing LEGO MINDSTORMS booth at Legoworld Utrecht 2016

Pictures from Legoworld Utrecht 2016

Die NXTe Ebene: Die Roberta Jubiläums-Box

Die NXTe Ebene: Die Roberta Jubiläums-Box.

LegoWorld Videos from

Xander Soldaat from has taken some videos. The corresponding blog entries can be found here:

LEGOWorld – Day 0 – Tue 18 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 1 – Wed 19 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 3 – Fri 21 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 4 – Sat 22 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 5 – Sun 23 October 2011

Videos from Legoworld Zwolle 2011

Lego Mindstorms NXT Brickbot at Legoworld 2011 Zwolle
(remote controlled via Bluetooth Android mobile phone)

A flying NXT!

A Lego Mindstorms NXT Vending Machine will attend LegoWorld Zwolle 2011 will attend LegoWorld Zwolle 2011

LEGO 3D Milling Machine – „3D Printer“

WALL-E5 Mindstorms Transforming Robot – project w.5

On the MINDSTORMS website under „news“ a new robot story is posted as it is told by Marc-André Bazergui & team about „Making a Robotic Model of a Robot“.

Audio Streaming to NXT

„gloomyandy“ (Andy Shaw) has uploaded a video to youtube,  showing a Lego Mindstorms NXT brick playing music streamed via bluetooth or USB-cable. Maybe he will make the source-code public? Up to that time, enjoy this video: