WRO International Final 2022 Dortmund

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Quickly available in six different housing variants | IDS adds numerous new USB3 cameras to its product range

Anyone who needs quickly available industrial cameras for image processing projects is not faced with an easy task due to the worldwide chip shortage. IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH has therefore been pushing the development of alternative USB3 hardware generations with available, advanced semiconductor technology in recent months and has consistently acquired components for this purpose. Series production of new industrial cameras with USB3 interface and Vision Standard compatibility has recently started. In the CP and LE camera series of the uEye+ product line, customers can choose the right model for their applications from a total of six housing variants and numerous CMOS sensors.

The models of the uEye CP family are particularly suitable for space-critical applications thanks to their distinctive, compact magnesium housing with dimensions of only 29 x 29 x 29 millimetres and a weight of around 50 grams. Customers can choose from global and rolling shutter sensors from 0.5 to 20 MP in this product line. Those who prefer a board-level camera instead should take a look at the versatile uEye LE series. These cameras are available with coated plastic housings and C-/CS-mount lens flanges as well as board versions with or without C-/CS-mount or S-mount lens connections. They are therefore particularly suitable for projects in small device construction and integration in embedded vision systems. IDS initially offers the global shutter Sony sensors IMX273 (1.6 MP) and IMX265 (3.2 MP) as well as the rolling shutter sensors IMX290 (2.1 MP) and IMX178 (6.4 MP). Other sensors will follow.

The USB3 cameras are perfectly suited for use with IDS peak thanks to the vision standard transport protocol USB3 Vision®. The Software Development Kit includes programming interfaces in C, C++, C# with .NET and Python as well as tools that simplify the programming and operation of IDS cameras while optimising factors such as compatibility, reproducible behaviour and stable data transmission. Special convenience features reduce application code and provide an intuitive programming experience, enabling quick and easy commissioning of the cameras.

Learn more: https://en.ids-imaging.com/news-article/usb3-cameras-series-production-launched.html

2D, 3D and AI: IDS presents numerous new products and camera developments at VISION

Today, cameras are often more than just suppliers of images – they can recognise objects, generate results or trigger follow-up processes. Visitors to VISION Stuttgart, Germany, can find out about the possibilities offered by state-of-the-art camera technology at IDS booth 8C60. There, they will discover the next level of the all-in-one AI system IDS NXT. The company is not only expanding the machine learning methods to include anomaly detection, but is also developing a significantly faster hardware platform. IDS is also unveiling the next stage of development for its new uEye Warp10 cameras. By combining a fast 10GigE interface and TFL mount, large-format sensors with up to 45 MP can be integrated, opening up completely new applications. The trade fair innovations also include prototypes of the smallest IDS board-level camera and a new 3D camera model in the Ensenso product line.

IDS NXT: More than artificial intelligence
IDS NXT is a holistic system with a variety of workflows and tools for realising custom AI vision applications. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can process tasks „on device” and deliver image processing results themselves. They can also trigger subsequent processes directly. The range of tasks is determined by apps that run on the cameras. Their functionality can therefore be changed at any time. This is supported by a cloud-based AI Vision Studio, with which users can not only train neural networks, but now also create vision apps. The system offers both beginners and professionals enormous scope for designing AI vision apps. At VISION, the company shows how artificial intelligence is redefining the performance spectrum of industrial cameras and gives an outlook on further developments in the hardware and software sector.

uEye Warp10: High speed for applications
With 10 times the transmission bandwidth of 1GigE cameras and about twice the speed of cameras with USB 3.0 interfaces, the recently launched uEye Warp10 camera family with 10GigE interface is the fastest in the IDS range. At VISION, the company is demonstrating that these models will not only set standards in terms of speed, but also resolution. Thanks to the TFL mount, it becomes possible to integrate much higher resolution sensors than before. This means that even detailed inspections with high clock rates and large amounts of data will be feasible over long cable distances. The industrial lens mount allows the cameras to fully utilise the potential of large format (larger than 1.1″) and high resolution sensors (up to 45 MP).

uEye XLS: Smallest board-level camera with cost-optimised design
IDS is presenting prototypes of an additional member of its low-cost portfolio at the fair. The name uEye XLS indicates that it is a small variant of the popular uEye XLE series. The models will be the smallest IDS board-level cameras in the range. They are aimed at users who, e.g. for embedded applications, require particularly low-cost, extremely compact cameras with and without lens holders in large quantities. They can look forward to Vision Standard-compliant project cameras with various global shutter sensors and trigger options.

Ensenso C: Powerful 3D camera for large-volume applications
3D camera technology is an indispensable component in many automation projects. Ensenso C is a new variant in the Ensenso 3D product line that scores with a long baseline and high resolution, while at the same time offering a cost-optimised design. Customers receive a fully integrated, pre-configured 3D camera system for large-volume applications that is quickly ready for use and provides even better 3D data thanks to RGB colour information. A prototype will be available le at the fair.

Learn more: https://en.ids-imaging.com/ueye-warp10.html

igus igumania game

Igus igumania game. Build your own Mars Rover assembling automation factory and improve it with @igusgmbh products. Enjoy this new game soon in your Webbrowser and on other plattforms. Get to know Rusty the robot and Dave the igus employee while learning about igus smart plastics products and low cost Automation. I really enjoyed playing this game, mainly for one reason: robots 😉

Precisely capture and monitor high-speed processes

Faster than any other IDS industrial camera: uEye Warp10 with 10GigE

With high speed to new spheres! When fast-moving scenes need to be captured in all their details, a high-performance transmission interface is essential in addition to the right sensor. With uEye Warp10, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is launching a new camera family that, thanks to 10GigE, transmits data in the Gigabit Ethernet-based network at a very high frame rate and virtually without delay. The first models with the IMX250 (5 MP), IMX253 (12 MP) and IMX255 (8.9 MP) sensors from the Sony Pregius series are now available.

Compared to 1GigE cameras, the uEye Warp10 models achieve up to 10 times the transmission bandwidth; they are also about twice as fast as cameras with USB 3.0 interfaces. The advantages become particularly apparent when scenes are to be captured, monitored and analysed in all details and without motion blur. Consequently, applications such as inspection applications on the production line with high clock speeds or image processing systems in sports analysis benefit from the fast data transfer.

The GigE Vision standard-compliant industrial cameras enable high-speed data transfer over cable lengths of up to 100 metres without repeaters or optical extenders via standard CAT6A cables (under 40 metres also CAT5E) with RJ45 connectors. The robust uEye Warp10 cameras are initially offered with C-mount lens holders. IDS is already working on additional models. In the future, versions with TFL mount (M35 x 0.75) will also be available for use with particularly high-resolution sensors up to 45 MP. The cameras are supported by the powerful IDS peak software development kit.

In the IDS Vision Channel, the experts from IDS present the features and possible applications of the new camera family in detail. The video is available here free of charge. All you need is a free IDS website user account.
Learn more: https://en.ids-imaging.com/ueye-warp10.html

igus goes gamification: Mit dem Online-Spiel igumania werden motion plastics noch erlebbarer

Als Produktionsleiter einer eigenen Mars Rover-Fabrik kann nun jeder spielerisch in die Welt der motion plastics von igus eintauchen

Köln, 20. Juli 2022 – Ungeplante Wartungszeiten und Produktions­stillstände gehören zu den größten Gegnern für Industrieunternehmen. Der motion plastics Spezialist igus bietet nun jedem die Möglichkeit, selbst zum Produktionsleiter zu werden und sich dieser Herausforderung zu stellen – mit dem Online-Browser-Spiel igumania. Das Idle-Game wurde mithilfe der Spiele-Plattform Unity entwickelt und ermöglicht Spielern, in die Welt der motion plastics einzutauchen. Durch den Einbau von igus Produkten können die Wartungszeiten der Produktion reduziert werden, damit Maschinenstillstände auch im Spiel der Vergangenheit angehören. Das Unternehmensziel von igus ist auch Ziel des Spiels: Verbessern, was sich bewegt.

Als frisch gebackener Produktionsleiter einer Mars-Rover-Fabrik gegen die vielen ungeplanten Wartungen und Anlagenstillstände in der Produktion ankämpfen. Dieses Szenario erwartet Spieler im Online-Spiel igumania. Unterstützung erhält man von Rusty, dem treuen Roboter-Assistenten, und Dave, dem igus Mitarbeiter aus dem technischen Vertrieb, dessen Besuch der Startschuss für die gemeinsame Erfolgsstory mit motion plastics ist. Im Laufe des Spiels können verschiedene igus Produkte verbaut werden: iglidur Gleitlager, Energieketten, flexible chainflex Leitungen, drylin Linear- und Antriebstechnik und sogar komplette Low-Cost- Automation-Lösungen wie der ReBeL Serviceroboter. Am Anfang stehen jedoch noch nicht alle motion plastics Lösungen zur Verfügung. Diese können im Spielverlauf über den Technologiebaum des igus Labors freigeschaltet werden. Auch die real-virtuelle igus motion plastics show (IMPS) können Spieler als Ingame-Messe erleben und so noch mehr über die motion plastics Produkte erfahren. Durch das Erfüllen verschiedener Aufgaben können weitere Perks bzw. Vorteile und Produkte freigeschaltet werden – ob e-ketten Recycling, Erweiterung der Montagelinie, Beschleunigung des Fließbandes, oder der Einsatz von smart plastics für die automatische Wartung der eingesetzten Roboter.

Gamification-Ansatz für mehr Nutzerfreundlichkeit

Aber warum ein eigenes igus Spiel? „Entstanden ist die Idee aus der Überlegung, wie wir unsere Produkte aus Hochleistungskunststoffen und ihre Alleinstellungsmerkmale noch erlebbarer machen können – und das auf ganz einfachem und spielerischem Weg“, erklärt igus Geschäftsführer Frank Blase. igus folgt dabei dem Prinzip des „Serious Gaming“: Das Online-Spiel soll nicht nur unterhalten, sondern spielerisch Wissenslücken schließen und die Vorteile der igus Hochleistungskunststoffe vermitteln. „Wir haben ein gutes Knowhow im Software-Bereich und bieten bereits jetzt zahlreiche Online-Tools an – vom Produkt-Lebensdauerrechner über den 3D-Druck-Service bis hin zum Konfigurator für Portalroboter. Hier setzen wir bereits auf den Gamification-Ansatz, indem wir zum Beispiel auch für unseren Konfigurator für Portalroboter die Plattform von Unity nutzen, um so eine spielend leichte Bedienbarkeit zu ermöglichen. Diesen Ansatz wollen wir weiterentwickeln und unser gesamtes Online-Angebot künftig noch spielerischer und nutzerfreundlicher gestalten. Ein eigenes Online-Spiel bietet die optimale Möglichkeit, wertvolle Erfahrungen im Bereich Gamification zu sammeln.“

Spielentwicklung: Vom Studentenprojekt zur Unternehmensgründung

Für die Entwicklung eines eigenen Online-Spiels hat sich igus das Cologne Game Lab an seine Seite geholt – ein Institut an der Technischen Hochschule Köln, dessen Studentenprojekte unter anderem bereits mit dem Deutschen Computerspielpreis ausgezeichnet wurden. Im Rahmen eines eigenen igus Studentenprojekts haben sich 10 Studententeams der Herausforderung gestellt. Die Aufgabe: Innerhalb einer Woche ein Konzept für ein igus Spiel zu entwickeln. Gewonnen hat das Konzept für „igumania“ und das Gewinner-Team bekam den Zuschlag für die Entwicklung des Spiels. Das Besondere: Aus dem Studentenprojekt wurde eine Unternehmensidee, und so gründeten Arkadijs Gribacovs, Ethem Kurt und Leonard Liebler die elads gbR für Spieleentwicklung. „In Deutschland gibt es nach wie vor verhältnismäßig wenig Unternehmer. Dass wir mit unserer Idee den Unternehmergeist junger Talente wecken und den Anstoß für eine Unternehmensgründung geben konnten, freut uns umso mehr“, macht Frank Blase deutlich. Und die Entwicklung von igumania läuft weiter: Nachdem erste Erfahrungswerte gesammelt und Optimierungen umgesetzt wurden, ist auch der Launch einer App-Version für Android und iOS geplant.

Neugierig? Melden Sie sich hier an, um den Link zum Spiel sowie Neuigkeiten zu Spiel-Updates zu erhalten: https://www.igus.de/igumania-anmeldung

Kosmos Solar-Bots. Timelapse Building Bronto, a dinosaur Robot

Kosmos Solar-Bots. Timelapse Building Bronto, dinosaur Robot. Find the latest News on robots, drones, AI, robotic toys and gadgets at robots-blog.com. If you want to see your product featured on our Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or our other sites, contact us. #robots #robot #omgrobots #roboter #robotic #mycollection #collector #robotsblog #collection #botsofinstagram #bot #robotics #robotik #gadget #gadgets #toy #toys #drone #robotsofinstagram #instabots #photooftheday #picoftheday #followforfollow #instadaily #werbung
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Ravensburger Science X – Zukunfts-Energie Roboter

Ravensburger Science X – Zukunfts-Energie Roboter. Find the latest News on robots, drones, AI, robotic toys and gadgets at robots-blog.com. If you want to see your product featured on our Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or our other sites, contact us. #robots #robot #omgrobots #roboter #robotic #mycollection #collector #robotsblog #collection #botsofinstagram #bot #robotics #robotik #gadget #gadgets #toy #toys #drone #robotsofinstagram #instabots #photooftheday #picoftheday #followforfollow #instadaily #werbung #energie #ravensburger #zukunft #science #sciencex #xscience

uEye XC closes the market gap between industrial camera and webcam

New 13 MP autofocus camera from IDS

Unlike webcams from the consumer sector, uEye XC is specially designed for industrial requirements. Its components score with long availability – a must for industrial applications. It is used, for example, in kiosk systems, logistics, in the medical sector and in robotics applications.

Thanks to the integrated autofocus module, the Vision standard-compliant USB3 camera can easily manage changing object distances. In terms of appearance, it is distinguished by its elegant and lightweight magnesium housing. With dimensions of only 32 x 61 x 19 mm (W x H x D) and screwable USB Micro B connection, the camera can be easily integrated into image processing systems. Its 13 MP onsemi sensor delivers 20 fps at full resolution and ensures high image quality even in changing light conditions thanks to BSI („Back Side Illumination“) pixel technology. Useful functions such as 24x digital zoom, auto white balance and colour correction ensure that all details can be captured perfectly. With the IDS peak software development kit, users can configure the camera specifically for their application if required.

From process and quality assurance to kiosk systems, logistics automation and medical technology: the autofocus camera can be used in a variety of ways in both industrial and non-industrial areas. With the quick-change macro attachment lens, users can easily shorten the minimum object distance of the camera. This makes it also suitable for close-up applications, such as diagnostics.

Learn more: https://en.ids-imaging.com/ueye-xc-autofocus-camera.html