Neue Version des deutschen NXC Tutorials

Auf dem Roberta-Portal steht eine überarbeitete Version des NXC Tutorials zum Download bereit.

U.a. wurden folgende Themen ergänzt:

  • Arrays (Felder)
  • Gleitkommazahlen
  • mehr…

Der Download findet sich hier

German NXC-Tutorial updated

A new version of the German NXC Tutorial is available at the Roberta-Portal.

It now includes:

  • arrays
  • floating-point numbers
  • more…

Download is available here

New Version | German NXC Tutorial

There is a new version (1.5) of the german NXC Tutorial available at the Roberta website.

Now with support for the motor-rotation counter and the NXT 2.0 color-sensor.

Free German NXC Tutorial

Not eXactly C is a high-level programming language for the Lego Mindstorms NXT. NXC, which is short for Not eXactly C, is based on Next Byte Codes, an assembly language. NXC has a syntax like C.

There is a new version of the NXC Tutorial available at the Roberta Homepage. It is an extended german version of the tutorial original based on the work of Daniele Benedettelli.

You can download the german tutorial for free here:

The English original version is available here: