RoboCup German Open 2017: Call for Participation

RoboCup German Open 2017

Call for Participation

5 – 7 May 2017

The RoboCup German Open 2017 will be the 15th open RoboCup
competition held in Germany. The event will take place in Magdeburg

— RoboCup Major Leagues (international teams) ———————-

Competitions are offered in the following leagues:

– RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform League
– RoboCupSoccer Humanoid League (Kid-Size)
– RoboCupRescue Robot League
– RoboCup@Home League
– RoboCupIndustrial Logistics League
– RoboCupIndustrial RoboCup@Work League

The registration deadline is *** 15 December 2016 ***.

Visit to register your RoboCup Major
League team. Details on the registration (fee, accommodation, rules)
are available on the web site. Booking of blocked accommodation with
special rates is possible after your registration.

The Major Leagues Organising Committee:
– Thomas Röfer (Standard Platform League)
– Reinhard Gerndt (Humanoid League)
– Johannes Pellenz (Rescue Robot League)
– Sven Wachsmuth (RoboCup@Home League)
– Ulrich Karras (Logistics League)
– Sebastian Zug (RoboCup@Work League)

— RoboCup Junior —————————————————-

The German RoboCup Junior qualification for RoboCup 2017 is performed
in two steps. German teams qualify in six local tournaments in Berlin,
Hannover, Mannheim, Rastede, Sankt Augustin and Vöhringen for the
17th German RoboCup Junior Championship which is held within the
RoboCup German Open 2017. The best Junior teams will qualify for
RoboCup 2017 in Japan.

— Important dates ————————————————–

15.12.2016 Registration deadline RoboCup Major teams
15.02.2017 Registration deadline team members with names
15.04.2017 Registration fee due
03.05.2017 Set-up day Major League teams
04.05.2017 Set-up day Major League teams
05.05.2017 Competition day (open to public)
06.05.2017 Competition day (open to public)
07.05.2017 Competition day, finals (open to public)

Please contact [email protected] for any questions.

See you all again at the 15th RoboCup German Open 2017!

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