Franka Emika connects – redefining robotics, establishing a community and introducing the industry-transforming platform Franka World.

At Franka Emika (FE) – a deep-tech company from Munich, Germany – we redefined robotics with the world’s most advanced robotic system Panda Powertool. In pursuit of high-performance and accessibility, we have combined human-centered design with trustworthy German engineering, giving rise to a masterpiece of technology. Highest mechatronic integration, exceptional soft-robot performance, as well as advanced and extendable functionalities have unleashed unprecedented usability, best affordability and unlimited scalability.

HMI 2019

After redefining robotics and establishing a community, we are launching at this year’s Hanover Fair a novel digital robotics platform Franka World that will allow the connection between the physical and digital worlds. FE’s booth with futuristic design features 6 partner stations demonstrating unique features and use cases that visitors can experience live.

What is Franka World?

Franka World enables community interaction between researchers, partners, customers, developers, suppliers and… robots to push the frontiers of Industrie 4.0. Everyone will be able to easily gain integrated access to products, services and management of entire robot fleets, independent of their physical location.

Hundreds of apps from leading developers

Partner companies and developers can participate by applying their expertise and developing new integrated hardware, such as end-effectors and vision systems, together with their matching Apps. On the day of the launch the store already features over a hundred robot apps and this number will grow over 5 times within the first year. Hardware and software will be available from a single source through the Store. Customers will purchase, use and deploy apps relevant to their use cases, while Partners and Developers can generate revenue streams accordingly.

About Franka Emika’s robot Panda

Panda is currently the fastest selling industrial robotic system in the world. For Panda, Franka Emika received the German President‘s Award for Innovation in Science and Technology and was the only German company to make it onto the cover of TIME Magazine’s „Best Inventions 2018“ edition.
Designed, developed and made in Germany

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