Stewbot – A hand made wooden collectable robot

You may well have noticed, whist drifting through Instagram or Facebook, a new “Bot-on-the -block” who goes by the name of Stewbot.

‘Is this a new “high-tech” robot?’ I hear you ask, or a “highly sophisticated robot from another planet?”… well.. no.. actually, it’s a cute little dude made from all kinds of beautiful and wonderful woods.

Stewbot is the creation of “wood-be, wanna-be” wood maker, graphic designer by day, Stewart Sutters from the UK. He started out only a year ago on his woodwork adventure, and created the first Stewbot.

Stewart has taken the Stewbot brand by the horns, and has trade marked the name and brand, and has also had the design protected by the Intellectual Property Office (UK).

Whilst Stewbot may, at first, seem like a wooden robot toy, he is in fact, best described as a wooden sculpture or piece of wooden art. Stewart says “ Stewbot has never been intended as a toy, and most people who have bought one, have placed him on their mantle piece, or as an office desk ornament”, he continues “each Stewbot is lovingly hand crafted, and takes many hours, sometimes days to complete. Each Stewbot has been individually stamped for authenticity, has a number engraved on his back in order of creation, and are individually named.”

Each Stewbot comes complete with label, birth certificate, a set of stickers, and often a little treat inside the packaging… Stewart says, “ I really want to create an amazing experience of receiving a Stewbot, and so far, the reaction from people receiving them has been amazing”.

Alongside the Stewbots, comes what is described by Stewart Sutters as a “tributebot”. This is a little Stewbot that is customised into a celebrity or personality.  These are one-offs, and make up part of the Stewbot personal collection . These tributebots have even gained some attention from the BBC in the UK, and have been reported on in the news.

Stewbot has also been the feature of a children’s picture book that has been produced by Stewart. Stewbot Comes Down to Earth is aimed at young children, and is the story of how Stewbot came to be on Earth. The story brings Stewbot, and his personality to life.. even down to the fact that he likes the odd tipple of teak oil… and has a dislike for lumberjacks…

Stewbot is a really unique work of art, and looks great on any mantle piece or shelf…. As these are individual works of art, the only way at present to buy one is to contact Stewart at [email protected]. Also, go check out and follow him on Instagram at or visit his website

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