SourceRabbit released a commercial GCode Sender for GRBL CNC Machines

GRBL is quite popular with the CNC hobby community, open source firmware that turns an Arduino into a CNC controller. It was released in 2015 and in recent years has gained many friends, among them SourceRabbit, a Greek CNC machine tool manufacturer, which aspires to transform GRBL from a hobby tool to an industry standard by offering the first commercial CNC control software for GRBL-compatible CNC machines.

Their new commercial software, GCode Sender 4-Axis, released in April 2021, replaced their old 3-axis software which has been available since 2015. It is compatible with the classic 3-Axis GRBL for AVR processors and the new multi axis Grbl for the Esp32.

We managed to obtain a statement from Nikos Siatras, CEO of SourceRabbit, who told us “From 2015 until the beginning of 2021, many GCode Sender applications were developed to control GRBL CNC machine tools. All of them were open source, free of charge, without any support and often with several bugs that tire even the most patient user. While GRBL is an incredibly good and flexible CNC control firmware, the GCode Senders that existed until today gave the impression that GRBL is purely for hobbyists. Through the development of our own software we are going to change that and we will try to make GRBL a CNC industry standard.”

SourceRabbit plans to implement many new tools and features to the GCode Sender 4-Axis. The software retails for €50.00 + VAT and with the purchase of each license you have free access to all subsequent versions of the software.

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