Robots as a Service (RaaS) – everything you need to know

Robots as a Service (RaaS) has become popular in the last couple of years mainly because it is much cheaper for a business to hire a robot for a specific project than to buy one that it may not fully utilize in the long run. For purpose of efficiency and effectiveness, most robot arms are usually designed to do a particular task, such as moving items from one position to another.

Besides costs, there are several other advantages of RaaS over buying an in-house robot. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about RaaS, including its benefits and the different types of robots that you can hire.

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What is Robots as a Service?

It is a service that involves hiring robots to organizations that would like to use robots but do not have the expertise or in-house recourses to procure and maintain these robots. There are several types of robots that organizations can hire depending on the task at hand. Some of the popular options include robot arms, cobots, and universal robots.

Robot arms are designed with almost the same functionality as a human arm. Their core task is to handle and move things from one position to another. A cobot or collaborative robot is designed to work hand in hand with humans. Universal robots are more versatile robot arms that can do more tasks than the standard robot arms.

Use cases of RaaS

  1. Temporary warehouse operations: If you have a temporary project that involves operating a warehouse, it is much wiser to hire robots than buy them. Robots are more efficient and less costly to maintain than humans. However, you could also use cobots that work with humans to handle different warehouse operations.
  2. Security for structures under construction: You can use robots to do the 360o  surveillance of facilities under construction. Robots capture useful real-time information that can be sent to AI algorithms for further interpretation.
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Benefits of RaaS

  • Lower costs of entry: small businesses that don’t have the money to buy robots can take advantage of RaaS by hiring robots for handling specific projects that humans may not be effective and efficient at.
  • Increased scalability: Businesses can quickly scale up their automation operations using some of the cutting-edge robotic technologies without incurring high upfront costs and the risk of asset deterioration or obsolescence.
  • Businesses no longer need robotic experts: With RaaS, small businesses can hire robots without having to recruit robotics professionals. Most of the configurations are done on the cloud by the RaaS provider. This further lowers the barrier of entry for getting into the automation space.

Final thoughts

If your business operations involve tasks that can be done by robot arms, cobots, or universal robots, using RaaS is the easiest way to get started. The good news is that you can hire cobots from for as low as £65 a day. Considering how much work these robots can do in a day, £65 is a worthy investment if your business has enough operations that need to be automated.

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