SourceRabbit released a new Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software

If you are a hobbyist or beginner in CNC machining or one who intermittently uses CNC routers, you might be looking for an easy CAM software for your CNC machining.

SourceRabbit, a Greek CNC machine tool manufacturer, released a new CAM software called RabbitCAM. Their new software is cross platform, meaning it works under Windows, MacOS and Linux, it features a user-friendly user interface and lets anyone generate toolpaths from 2D DXF files.

We managed to obtain a statement from Nikos Siatras, CEO of SourceRabbit, who told us
“Today’s CAM software is expensive and difficult to use for most users. Our primary goal with RabbitCAM is to create software that is easy to use, fast, affordable and able to work
under any modern operating system.”

RabbitCAM is a cross-platform software for rapid programming of 3-Axis CNC machine tools from 2D DXF files.

We built RabbitCAM to provide our customers with the fastest and easiest solution for turning their designs into parts and final products through simple material removal strategies.

The multithreaded core of RabbitCAM takes advantage of all system processors during toolpath calculations, in order to reduce user’s waiting time, while its user-friendly work interface displays them on screen almost in real time.

RabbitCAM was created with the Java programming language and works on all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Haiku and more).

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