Clickmox Solutions launches first Kickstarter campaign

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada – Local business, Clickmox Solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for its new product: the Scan3D laser scanner. The campaign was launched on August 18th at 10:45am and will be active for 25 days – until September 12th.

Real-time scan of the Clickmox office

Although 3D laser scanning is a mature technology, it is not yet widely available to the public, due mostly to its high cost. Scan3D is a lightweight and affordable large area laser scanner, which is locally manufactured at the Clickmox Solutions office in Sudbury. It is designed to tackle the need for an inexpensive, compact laser scanner that is versatile enough to meet any consumer need.

Scan3D offers real-time 3D mapping capabilities at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Mountable on aerial drones and ground vehicles, Scan3D has many industrial and recreational applications from obstacle avoidance to vehicle positioning and 3D mapping.

Clickmox Solutions is offering three different models of the Scan3D system, costing $1,195, $4,590, and $6,590. All three models include a software development kit, which allows consumers to adapt Scan3D to their specific applications. The Advanced and Ultimate models also include access to Clickmox’s SLAM Libraries and instructions on how to create 3D maps in real time.

Scan3D uses a 2D laser scanner, which it pivots on a servo motor. It combines these data with data from a positional sensor to generate 3D maps. This technology has already been used by Clickmox in the mining industry.

Kickstarter campaign:

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