Meet your weird new robot friend! KD Interactive introduces My Loopy, a social robot that teaches early stem concepts

February 16, 2018 – New York, NY – KD Interactive, maker of the best-selling line of kid-safe Kurio tablets and smartwatches, today introduces an innovative and fun new item for 2018: My Loopy, a social robot for kids as young as four.

“Teaching early STEM concepts through play is still an important focus in the toy industry and we saw a gap to fill for younger children in particular,” said Eric Levin, KD Group Strategic Director. “My Loopy is a fun and quirky robot companion that also introduces early coding skills for kids as young as four.”

KD Interactive’s new products for 2018 include:

My Loopy is a three-inch tall robot from the planet Loopitron with a big and quirky personality! Created by the scientists at LocoRobo, Loopy uses eight different sensors (light, tilt, motion, touch, temperature, proximity, gesture and sound) and artificial intelligence to engage kids as young as four through imaginative visual and auditory play. Loopy’s AI technology allows him to grow and create new play patterns as he interacts with his human buddy.

Loopy responds to his environment in real time: Turn off the lights and Loopy might go to sleep or say „Let’s partyyyyyyyyyyy!“ Make a loud noise to scare him. Watch Loopy shiver if the temperature gets cold or complain, „Ouch! I’m burning up!“ if it gets hot. With more than 150 jokes and quirky responses, you never know if he’ll greet you with „I missed you so much!“ or „What do ya want? I’m kinda busy here!“

Play eight different games with Loopy, including favorites like Hide-and-Seek and Simon Says. When paired with the My Loopy app (iOS/Android), kids can learn how to code their own Loopy responses, play games that test math and geography skills, and even create their own music for Loopy to dance to!

Loopy features multi-color animations and LED eyes that reflect his emotions and reactions, giving him a human-like personality! MSRP $79.99, Ages 4+, Rechargeable battery included, Available Fall 2018

About KD Interactive

KD Interactive is a division of KD Group, based in Lyon, France. The company has been making innovative kids electronic toys for more than 20 years, working with mass and specialty retailers in more than 20 countries around the world. The company’s in-house team of product engineers, scientists and educators is focused on creating products with huge play value that incorporate cutting-edge technologies into learning and childhood development. KD Interactive is well-known globally for its best-selling Kurio® line of kid-safe tablets and smart devices. For more information about KD Interactive, visit

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