QUADRUPED A1 – Four-legged robot combines artificial intelligence and sophisticated motion sequences

The newly founded company QUADRUPED Robotics is the first and currently the only German company to introduce fully modifiable multi-legged robots to the European market. In doing so, this form of robot represents a novelty: the four-legged robots combine artificial intelligence with new motion sequences and individually customizable equipment.
The A1 robot in the QUADRUPED line is based on the Robot Operating System (ROS.org) and can thus be adapted to its environment and requirements. However, even the basic equipment enables a wide range of applications.

By means of an AI-controlled and depth-sensing smart camera, HD recordings can be transmitted in real time and to a terminal device. At the same time, the integrated multi-eye camera offers real-time tracking of objects in sight, gesture recognition and target tracking following specific movement patterns.

The basis for the development of an environment map is the visual SLAM. QUADRUPED A1 calculates paths, obstacles, routes and navigation points. This leads to vision-based autonomous obstacle avoidance. In addition, QUADRUPED A1 also recognizes obstacle shapes and an adjustment of the body position takes place. If an impact or fall does occur, the advanced dynamic balancing algorithm allows balance to be quickly restored. Further measurement data as well as more dynamic behavior can be achieved by integrating additional sensor technology, such as that of a 3D LiDAR or further camera modules.

The QUADRUPED A1 incorporates the unique patented sensitive foot contact. Each of the four feet can be controlled individually. The smart actuators provide precise footing as well as different gaits. The system is based on a low-level control developed by QUADRUPED Robotics, which can read out the position including torque and current consumption at any time. The foot end is waterproof and dustproof and can be easily replaced after wear.
The A1 impressed with its latest measured top speed of 11.8 km/h (3.3 m/s), which is unique for a robot of this type. It can also carry loads of up to 5 kg.

For simplified maintenance work, the robot was designed with a stable and lightweight body structure. The A1 has an external 24 V power input and 5 V-/12 V-/19 V power supply, which enables the use of additional external devices. Other external interfaces include 4 USB, 2 HDMI, 2 Ethernet ports.

It is equipped with a powerful redundant control system: low-level control for CAN communication with the smart actuators and NVIDIA Xavier for calculation or measurement data evaluation. The current runtime of approx. 1.5 hours varies depending on the application.

Additional equipment is available from QUADRUPED Robotics and can be delivered with implemented software packages on request. Due to in-house research and development, the end customer can order a finished and tested product. Another service is the provision of complete documentation on the website www.docs.quadruped.de. In addition, complete simulation environments based on Webots & Gazebo are also made available for download there, which can be used for application testing.

QUADRUPED Robotics is a spin-off of MYBOTSHOP uG, which emerged as an established sales and development partner in the fields of robotics, sensor technology and automation technology. Company founder Daniel Kottlarz draws from the potential of four-legged and autonomous robots the opportunity to relieve humans in particularly dangerous areas of operation and situations and to ward off dangerous situations by means of the autonomous robots.

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