In Celebration of National Robotics Week, iRobot® Launches the Create® 3 Educational Robot

Robot’s Smartest Developer Platform, Now with ROS 2 and Python Support

BEDFORD, Mass., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), a leader in consumer robots, today is expanding its educational product lineup with the launch of the Create® 3 educational robot – the company’s most capable developer platform to date. Based on the Roomba® i3 Series robot vacuum platform, Create 3 provides educators and advanced makers with a reliable, out of the box alternative to costly and labor-intensive robotics kits that require assembly and testing. Instead of cleaning people’s homes,1 the robot is designed to promote higher-level exploration for those seeking to advance their education or career in robotics.

In Celebration of National Robotics Week, iRobot launched the Create® 3 Educational Robot – the company’s most capable developer platform to date. Now with ROS 2 and Python Support, Create 3 provides educators and advanced makers with a reliable, out of the box alternative to costly and labor-intensive robotics kits that require assembly and testing. Create 3 is designed to promote higher-level exploration for those seeking to advance their education or career in robotics.

The launch of Create 3 coincides with National Robotics Week, which began April 2 and runs through April 10, 2022. National Robotics Week, founded and organized by iRobot, is a time to inspire students about robotics and STEM-related fields, and to share the excitement of robotics with audiences of all ages through a range of in-person and virtual events.

„iRobot is committed to delivering STEM tools to all levels of the educational community, empowering the next generation of engineers, scientists and enthusiasts to do more,“ said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. „The advanced capabilities we’ve made available on Create 3 enable higher-level students, educators and developers to be in the driver’s seat of robotics exploration, allowing them to one day discover new ways for robots to benefit society.“

With ROS 2 support, forget about building the platform, and focus on your application: 
The next generation of iRobot’s affordable and trusted all-in-one mobile robot development platform, Create 3 brings a variety of new functionalities to users, including compatibility with ROS 2, an industry-standard software for roboticists worldwide. Robots require many different components, such as actuators, sensors and control systems, to communicate with each other in order to work. ROS 2 enables this communication, allowing students to speed up the development of their project by focusing more on their core application rather than the platform itself. Learning ROS 2 also gives students valuable experience that many companies are seeking from robotics developers.

Expand your coding skills even further with Python support:
iRobot also released a Python Web Playground for its iRobot Root® and Create 3 educational robots, providing a bridge for beginners to begin learning more advanced programming skills outside of the iRobot Coding App. Python, a commonly used coding language, enables users to broaden the complexity of projects that they work on. The iRobot Education Python Web Playground allows advanced learners and educators to program the iRobot Root and Create 3 educational robots with a common library written in Python. This provides users with a pathway to learn a new coding language, opening the door to further innovation and career development.

With more smarts, Create 3 lets you do more:
As a connected robot, Create 3 comes equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet-over-USB host, and Bluetooth. Create 3 is also equipped with a suite of intelligent technology, including an inertial measurement unit (IMU), optical floor tracking sensor, wheel encoders, and infrared sensors for autonomous localization, navigation, and telepresence applications. Additionally, the robot includes cliff, bump and slip detection, along with LED lights and a speaker.

A 3D simulation of Create 3 is also available using Ignition Gazebo for increased access to robotics education and research.

Create 3 Pricing and Availability
Create 3 is available immediately in the US and Canada for $299 USD and $399 CAD. It will be available in EMEA through authorized distributors in the coming months. Additional details can be found at

iRobot Education Python Web Playground Availability
The iRobot Education Python Web Playground can be accessed in-browser at

AgileX Robotics Announces Launch of LIMO, the World‘s First Multi-modal Mobile Robot with AI Modules

Mobile robot experts AgileX just announced the launch of LIMO – an ROS-based multi-modal car with 4 steering modes and open-source software that is perfect for ROS beginners as well as advanced programmers. This exciting new robotics platform has virtually unlimited applications for education, business and industry and is available now here

 LIMO is an incredibly versatile and multifunctional robotic platform for designing and programming robot AI. It uses the modular programming languages ROS 1 or ROS 2 to achieve many functional purposes including mapping, navigation, obstacle avoidance, path planning, and more for educational, commercial and industrial applications.

“At AgileX Robotics our vision is to enable all industries and individuals with the ability to improve productivity and efficiency through robot technology. Our latest product, LIMO is a powerful yet easy to use mobile robotic platform that is perfect for learning ROS, completing tasks for business and education, and beginning a journey in the exciting world of robotics. We designed LIMO to be easy to use with an intuitive programming method and open source capabilities. It’s the best way to get started with robotic AI.”  CEO, AgileX Robotics. 

Four steering modes make LIMO substantially superior to other robots in its class. The available modes are: Omni Wheel Steering, Tracked Steering, Four-Wheel Differential Steering and Ackermann Steering. These advanced steering modes plus built-in 360° scanning LiDAR and RealSense infrared camera make the platform perfect for industrial and commercial tasks. 

Equipped with four other USB ports and powered by Nvidia Jetson Nano, LIMO can be fully customized with other hardware according to one’s needs. LIMO can be connected with open-source ROS 1 & ROS 2. Programming Demo, ROS Packages and Simulation powered by Gazebo are supported as well. With these incredible features, LIMO can achieve precise self-localization, SLAM & V-SLAM mapping, route planning and autonomous obstacle avoidance, reverse parking, traffic light recognition, and more.

LIMO, the world‘s first multi-modal mobile robot with AI modules is currently being launched via a Kickstarter campaign to reward early adopters with special deals and pricing. Learn more here: [LINK]

QUADRUPED A1 – Four-legged robot combines artificial intelligence and sophisticated motion sequences

The newly founded company QUADRUPED Robotics is the first and currently the only German company to introduce fully modifiable multi-legged robots to the European market. In doing so, this form of robot represents a novelty: the four-legged robots combine artificial intelligence with new motion sequences and individually customizable equipment.
The A1 robot in the QUADRUPED line is based on the Robot Operating System ( and can thus be adapted to its environment and requirements. However, even the basic equipment enables a wide range of applications.

By means of an AI-controlled and depth-sensing smart camera, HD recordings can be transmitted in real time and to a terminal device. At the same time, the integrated multi-eye camera offers real-time tracking of objects in sight, gesture recognition and target tracking following specific movement patterns.

The basis for the development of an environment map is the visual SLAM. QUADRUPED A1 calculates paths, obstacles, routes and navigation points. This leads to vision-based autonomous obstacle avoidance. In addition, QUADRUPED A1 also recognizes obstacle shapes and an adjustment of the body position takes place. If an impact or fall does occur, the advanced dynamic balancing algorithm allows balance to be quickly restored. Further measurement data as well as more dynamic behavior can be achieved by integrating additional sensor technology, such as that of a 3D LiDAR or further camera modules.

The QUADRUPED A1 incorporates the unique patented sensitive foot contact. Each of the four feet can be controlled individually. The smart actuators provide precise footing as well as different gaits. The system is based on a low-level control developed by QUADRUPED Robotics, which can read out the position including torque and current consumption at any time. The foot end is waterproof and dustproof and can be easily replaced after wear.
The A1 impressed with its latest measured top speed of 11.8 km/h (3.3 m/s), which is unique for a robot of this type. It can also carry loads of up to 5 kg.

For simplified maintenance work, the robot was designed with a stable and lightweight body structure. The A1 has an external 24 V power input and 5 V-/12 V-/19 V power supply, which enables the use of additional external devices. Other external interfaces include 4 USB, 2 HDMI, 2 Ethernet ports.

It is equipped with a powerful redundant control system: low-level control for CAN communication with the smart actuators and NVIDIA Xavier for calculation or measurement data evaluation. The current runtime of approx. 1.5 hours varies depending on the application.

Additional equipment is available from QUADRUPED Robotics and can be delivered with implemented software packages on request. Due to in-house research and development, the end customer can order a finished and tested product. Another service is the provision of complete documentation on the website In addition, complete simulation environments based on Webots & Gazebo are also made available for download there, which can be used for application testing.

QUADRUPED Robotics is a spin-off of MYBOTSHOP uG, which emerged as an established sales and development partner in the fields of robotics, sensor technology and automation technology. Company founder Daniel Kottlarz draws from the potential of four-legged and autonomous robots the opportunity to relieve humans in particularly dangerous areas of operation and situations and to ward off dangerous situations by means of the autonomous robots.

QUADRUPED A1 – Vierbeiniger Roboter vereint künstliche Intelligenz und ausgereifte Bewegungsabläufe

Das neu gegründete Unternehmen QUADRUPED Robotics führt als erstes und derzeit einziges deutsches Unternehmen voll modifizierbare mehrbeinige Roboter in den europäischen Markt ein. Dabei stellt diese Form der Roboter eine Neuheit dar: die Vierbeiner kombinieren künstliche Intelligenz mit neuen Bewegungsabläufen und einer individuell anpassbaren Ausstattung.

Der Roboter A1 der Linie QUADRUPED basiert auf dem Robot Operating System ( und lässt sich somit auf seine Umgebung und Anforderung anpassen. Doch auch schon die Grundausstattung ermöglicht einen breiten Anwendungsbereich.
Mittels KI-gesteuerter und tiefenerkennender Smart-Kamera lassen sich HD-Aufnahmen in Echtzeit und an ein Endgerät übertragen. Gleichzeitig bietet die integrierte Mehraugen-Kamera die Echtzeit-Verfolgung von Objekten in Sichtweite, Gestenerkennung und auf bestimmte Bewegungsmuster folgend die Zielpersonenverfolgung.
Grundlage zur Erarbeitung einer Umgebungskarte ist das visuelle SLAM. QUADRUPED A1 berechnet Wege, Hindernisse, Strecken und Navigationspunkte. Dies führt zu einer visions-basierten autonomen Hindernisvermeidung. Zusätzlich erkennt der QUADRUPED A1 auch Hindernisformen und es erfolgt eine Anpassung der Körperposition. Sollte es doch zu einem Aufprall oder Sturz kommen, ermöglicht der fortschrittliche dynamische Balancier-Algorithmus das Gleichgewicht schnell wiederherzustellen. Weitere Messdaten sowie dynamischeres Verhalten können durch die Integration zusätzlicher Sensorik, wie die eines 3D-LiDAR oder weiterer Kameramodule, erreicht werden.

Im QUADRUPED A1 ist der einzigartige patentierte sensible Fußkontakt verbaut. Jeder der vier Füße kann einzeln und individuell angesteuert werden. Durch die smarten Aktuatoren sind präzises Auftreten sowie verschiedene Gangart geboten. Das System basiert auf einem von QUADRUPED Robotics entwickelten Low-Level-Control, das zu jedem Zeitpunkt die Position samt Drehmoment und Stromaufnahme auslesen kann. Das Fußende ist wasser- und staubdicht und kann nach Abnutzung leicht ausgetauscht werden.
Der A1 überzeugte durch seine zuletzt gemessene Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 11,8 km/h (3,3 m/s), welche für einen Roboter dieser Art einmalig ist. Zudem kann er Lasten bis zu 5 kg tragen.

Für vereinfachte Wartungsarbeiten wurde bei dem Roboter auf eine stabile und leichte Karosseriestruktur geachtet. Der A1 verfügt über einen externen 24 V Stromeingang und 5 V-/12 V-/19 V-Spannungsversorgung, die den Einsatz zusätzlicher externer Geräte ermöglicht. Weitere externe Schnittstellen sind 4 USB-, 2 HDMI-, 2 Ethernet-Anschlüsse.
Ausgestattet ist er mit einer leistungsstarken redundanten Steuerung: Low-Level-Control zur CAN-Kommunikation mit den smarten Aktuatoren und NVIDIA Xavier für die Berechnung bzw. Messdatenauswertung. Die aktuelle Laufzeit von ca. 1,5 Stunden variiert je nach Anwendung.

Zusatz-Equipment ist bei QUADRUPED Robotics erhältlich und wird auf Wunsch mit implementierten Software-Packages ausgeliefert. Durch die hausinterne Forschung und Entwicklung kann der Endkunde ein fertiges und getestetes Produkt bestellen. Ein weiterer Service ist die Bereitstellung der vollständigen Dokumentation auf der Website Darüber hinaus werden dort auch vollständige Simulationsumgebungen auf Basis von Webots & Gazebo zum Download bereitgestellt, die zu Anwendungstests genutzt werden können.

QUADRUPED Robotics ist eine Ausgründung der MYBOTSHOP uG, die als etablierter Vertriebs- und Entwicklungspartner in den Bereichen Robotik, Sensorik und Automatisierungstechnik entstand. Firmengründer Daniel Kottlarz schöpft aus dem Potenzial der vierbeinigen und autonomen Roboter die Chance, den Menschen in besonders gefährlichen Einsatzbereichen und Situationen zu entlasten und mittels der autonomen Roboter Gefahrensituationen abzuwehren.

ArcBotics Launches Hubert the Humanoid on Kickstarter, Funded In 2 Hours

HAYWARD – ArcBotics, a leading educational robotics company based in California, is pleased to announce the launch of Hubert the Humanoid: Your Advanced Robotics Study Buddy, a research-grade open source humanoid robot, on Kickstarter.

ArcBotics’ mission is to help anyone learn robotics, no matter their background or current skill level. It is undeniable that robots will play a part in every part of our collective futures, and in many ways, they already do. They believe that by understanding how robots work can we control our own futures, rather than allow technology to control us.

Hubert is designed for anyone pursuing robotics and want the most affordable, top-to-bottom college-level robotics class you’ll ever find – while getting to use your own humanoid robot. Hubert is designed for educators, roboticists who want to compete in robotics competitions, researchers, pro-users, and hobbyists new to robotics who are looking for a humanoid robot that is ready-to-go.

They have created Hubert to make a full suite of college-level robotics lessons cheaper than the cost of a single robotics class. Hubert runs the same software that today’s leading robotics companies and universities are running. Similar robots have been used in the leading universities – but starting at 10x the price. Hubert is starting at $599 USD on Kickstarter, retailing for $1,199 USD, and is 100% Open Source Hardware.

ArcBotics will be releasing in-depth, free web tutorials to help train anyone to become a robotics engineer in the latest topics such as: ROS, Arduino, OpenCV, Object Recognition, TensorFlow, Inverse Kinematics, Control Theory, MoveIt!, Power Management, Path Planning, Legged Mechanics, Python, and so much more.

Hubert’s core features:

  • Dual-camera stereo HD vision cameras
  • On-board Raspberry Pi 3, preloaded with all necessary software
  • Custom smart servo – incredibly high torque, voltage independent, embedded sensors with serial communication
  • Custom Arduino-compatible Python-powered servo controller, with on-board 9-axis Motion and Bluetooth 4 LE connection
  • Rigid aluminum frame
  • Removable outer sheet metal shell – easily remove, design, and attach your own shell or parts
  • Functional grippers
  • Speaker and microphone
  • Touch-screen LCD head
  • Independent emotive ears
  • 100% Open Source Hardware
  • Future-proof with Raspberry Pi 3, C.H.I.P., and ODROID-XU4

About ArcBotics Since 2012, ArcBotics has been making robotics accessible by creating full-feature robots designed for different age groups and skill levels, with extensive, step-by-step documentation and open sourcing the hardware and software. They previously launched 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns for Hexy the Hexapod and Sparki the Easy Robot for Everyone, raising $360,000 and shipping to over 2500 backers. Since then, they have grown to ship tens of thousands of robots to homes, STEM programs, and universities around the world like Stanford, MIT, and Northwestern. Their robots can be found at global retailers like Barnes and Noble, Adafruit, RobotShop, DFRobot, and more.

PLEN Cube: The Portable Personal Assistant Robot, from PLENGoer Robotics Inc., launched on Kickstarter

PLENGoer Robotics launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to bring PLEN Cube:
The Portable Personal Assistant Robot, to the world. PLEN Cube can be your
customizable, palm-­sized companion featuring a smart camera and automation skills.
Visit PLEN Cube’s Kickstarter page to pre-­order it, meet the developers, and learn more
about the product that is changing our lives.

PLEN Cube is a portable robot that can consolidate your devices and favorite web
services;; capture moments with a smart camera that tracks your face and motions;; and
complement your life with hands-­free voice activation, and customization options.
Natsuo Akazawa, CEO at PLENGoer Robotics, explains: “Think of PLEN Cube as your
right-­hand man (in robot form). We’ve packed a lot into this playful 3-­inch powerhouse:
a powerful processor, Full-­HD camera, display, microphone array and speakers, along
with cutting-­edge software in facial recognition, speech recognition, and more.“



No need for a cameraperson. Simply use voice commands to take a photo or video. PLEN Cube also uses computer vision technology, and can rotate 360 degrees to follow you wherever you go. Because PLEN Cube is wifi and bluetooth-­enabled, you can instantly share photos or videos on social media.


PLEN Cube aggregates all your day’s essential info including the weather, schedule, reminders, social media and more.Use the PLEN Cube mobile app to connect your services. PLEN Cube will keep you informed through its display, movements, sound, or notifications to your mobile device.


With PLEN Cube, you can control all your favorite devices via Wifi, Bluetooth and infrared.You can also connect and consolidate your social media, including Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter.


Anyone can customize the PLEN Cube using IFTTT, a web-­based automation service that allows you to create chains of actions with your favorite web services. PLEN Cube can do everything else a personal assistant bot can do, and also expands the number of triggers (inputs) and actions (outputs) you can use. Advanced developers can access our open API and take customization to the next level. We’ll also launch a community forum where users can share ideas and collaborate, and PLENGoer can provide further developer information.


  • Size: 75mm x75mm x75mm / Weight: 500g (1.1 lbs).
  • Intel Joule 570x
  • WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 320×240 LCD – full color
  • Full HD Camera – with stop motion, panoramic, and face and actiontracking
  • Microphone x2 – to locate sound source
  • Electromagnetic field-based sensor – detects hand presence and motion.
  • Program different gestures to activate certain application actions
  • Speakers – full range drivers, woofers and tweeters from GoerTek, a leaderin the global miniature electro-acoustic industry
  • Infrared home appliance control – through a partnership with Crossdoor
  • Motors – for PLEN Cube’s expressive movement
  • Linux OS
  • Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Voice recognition software (we’re currently evaluating the best option for this)

About PLENGoer Robotics Inc.

Founded in 2016, PLENGoer Robotics Inc. develops personal service robots to achieve a richer quality of life. With the robot development technology our parent PLEN Project Company has cultivated thus far, and production technology of GoerTek group, we aim to develop unprecedented and truly functional service robots. PLENGoer Robotics will be an innovation platform for service robots.