SoftGripping expands its product line

SoftGripping, the internal robotic SoftGripper department of the logistic company Wegard GmbH has reached its market capitalization goal of 8 million Euro in the year 2020 and is now moving from the initial intent of establishing SoftGripping leadership in the cobot area towards the high-speed automation market. The internal project’s CTO and co-founder Alexey Stepanyuk is eager to tackle new areas with the industrial and hygienic line. “We focus on the needs of our customers and every development is custom to the application on hand” he emphasized in an interview, “our engineers know that solutions in food automation are as custom as the plants growing on the fields. There is a new evolutionary stage coming and we can’t wait to highlight it, although today’s robotics technology is far from perfect.” Let’s wait and see what the future brings!

Information about hygienic line grippers:
Information about industrial line grippers: