Are We Ready for Humanoid Robots?

With the development of AI, robots have become a lot smarter. A quick Google or Youtube search will reveal many cases of people using advanced robots. For example, videos of robots packing shelves in factories or, even more impressive, the Ocean One Robot, an advanced humanoid that explores shipwrecks and plane crashes. 

These videos make many wonder how far we are from using such robotics in everyday life. Learn what today’s robots are capable of, what potential challenges need to be solved and if humanoids are ready for daily life.
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3 Humanoids Robots Helping Humans Today

One reason advanced humanoid robots are in demand is their ability to handle dangerous and repetitive operations. This frees up humans to focus on other essential, safer tasks. Current AI robots such as humanoids and cobots are already assisting humans by completing various tasks — bomb disposal, surgery, packing items in grocery stores, self-driving vehicles and much more. 

One industry that frequently utilizes AI robots is the manufacturing sector. They mostly complete repetitive assignments such as packing items, material handling, assembly and welding. This speeds up production time and allows humans to tackle more complex or demanding tasks. Here are three different humanoid robots helping people. 

  1. Digit

Agility Robotics has developed a humanoid robot well-suited for many tedious operations. The humanoid is called Digit and has fully functional limbs making it excellent at unloading packages from trailers and also delivering them. Digit is equipped with sensors in his torso to help him easily navigate complex environments. 

  1. Nadine

Nadine is a realistic-looking social humanoid robot with various facial expressions and movements. She was developed in Singapore by researchers from the Nanyang Technological University. Nadine can recognize different gestures, faces, objects and is able to perform various social tasks associated with customer service. 

  1. Promobot

Promobot is a humanoid that is suitable for many different service-oriented roles. In hotels, promobot can recognize guests, print receipts, issue keycards and check guests in. This humanoid is customizable and can even work as a medical assistant — measure blood oxygen and blood sugar levels.

Are Humanoids Ready for Daily Life?

Today’s humanoids are undoubtedly impressive, but AI robots have yet to reach the level of generative artificial intelligence — an advanced form of AI capable of holding detailed conversations when prompted. Many companies aim to combine generative AI with advanced robotics to make it more applicable for a wider variety of use cases. 

Since most AI machines are developed for the use of single tasks, they tend to struggle when taking on multiple operations simultaneously. In other words, they aren’t very good at multitasking. This complex aspect would need to be addressed for AI robots to become a reality in daily life. The most advanced form of AI robots available today are self-driving cars, which have a long way to go before they are truly self-driving. 

It is the same with humanoid robots. Although many of the AI robots available are amazing, it is clear there are still advancements needed, especially in the case of processing abilities. AI robots will need to understand a wide variety of interactions no matter how they are carried out — voice, keyboard commands, hand gestures and sometimes even facial expressions. 

For AI humanoids to be applicable in daily life, humans need a deeper understanding of how they operate — training might be required. 

Potential Challenges to Overcome With Future Humanoids

One of the biggest problems with AI humanoids today is their battery life. They can usually only work for an hour or two and then require charging. While the goal would be to use them for multiple hours on end, another approach might be to increase the battery life by a few hours and add fast charging. 

In terms of complex and challenging tasks, many humanoids and cobots are quite advanced and can solve them with relevant ease. However, this usually means they lack in other areas, such as movement. In most cases, the humanoid has advanced movement or impressive processing abilities, but not both. 

In addition, the technology today’s humanoids use will also need further improvements. Better censoring capabilities are necessary in terms of in-depth cameras, voice and visual sensors to make them more applicable in modern life. For humanoids to become more widely used, their movement and processing abilities require further refinement. 

Humanoids also need to operate safely and effectively while working with multiple humans at the same time. The robot will need to comprehend numerous interactions with different people simultaneously to react appropriately. The current training methods used with humanoids today are slow and would need further refinements to make them available for daily life. 

Humanoids Robots Still Have a Long Way to Go

The advance of technology and AI is astounding, especially when combined to create robots that assist humans with numerous tasks. However, there are still a few areas where humanoids need refinement to become suitable for everyday use. Undoubtedly, humans will benefit significantly from utilizing advanced AI robotics in their daily life, but for this to become a reality, humanoids still have a long way to go.

Guest article by Ellie Gabel. Ellie is a writer living in Raleigh, NC. She's passionate about keeping up with the latest innovations in tech and science. She also works as an associate editor for Revolutionized.

Build Your Own Voice Assistant with CircuitMess Spencer: Your Talkative Friend

Voice assistants have become a crucial component of our everyday lives in today’s technologically sophisticated society. They assist us with work, respond to our inquiries, and even provide entertainment. Have you ever wondered how voice assistants operate or how to build your own? Spencer is here to satisfy your curiosity and provide a fun DIY activity, so stop searching. This blog post will introduce you to Spencer, a voice assistant that will brighten your day with jokes and provide you with all the information you need.

Meet Spencer

Spencer is a buddy that converses with you; it is more than simply a voice assistant. It can hear you well enough to comprehend all you say. It uses its large red button as a trigger to search the internet and give you straightforward answers. It’s a wonderful addition to your everyday routine because of Spencer’s endearing nature and capacity to make you grin.

Spencer’s Features: Your Interactive Voice Assistant Companion

1. Voice Interaction

High-quality audio communication is possible because of Spencer’s microphone. It comprehends your instructions, inquiries, and chats and offers a simple and straightforward approach for you to communicate with your voice assistant. Simply talk to Spencer, and it will answer as you would expect, giving the impression that you are conversing with a genuine friend.

2. Internet Connectivity and Information Retrieval

Spencer has internet access, allowing you to access a huge information base. You may have Spencer do a real-time internet search by pushing the huge red button on his chest. Spencer can search the web and provide you clear, succinct answers, whether you need to discover the solution to a trivia question, check the most recent news headlines, or collect information on a certain issue.

3. Personalization and Customization

Being wholly original is what Spencer is all about. You are allowed to alter its features and reactions to fit your tastes. Make Spencer reflect your style and personality by altering its external elements, such as colors, decals, or even adding accessories. To further create a genuinely customized experience, you may alter its reactions, jokes, and interactions to suit your sense of humor and personal tastes.

4. Entertainment and Engagement

Spencer is aware of how important laughing is to life. It has built-in jokes and amusing replies, so talking to your voice assistant is not only educational but also interesting and fun. Spencer’s amusing features will keep you entertained and involved whether you need a quick pick-me-up or want to have a good time with friends and family.

5. Learning and Educational STEM Experience

In particular, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects are the focus of Spencer’s educational mission. You will learn useful skills in electronics, soldering, component assembly, and circuits by making Spencer. To further develop Spencer’s talents, you may go into programming, gaining practical experience with coding and computational thinking.

6. Inspiration and Creativity

Spencer acts as a springboard to spark your imagination and motivate further investigation. You may let your creativity run wild as you put together and customize your voice assistant. This do-it-yourself project promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and invention, developing a creative and innovative mentality that may go beyond the context of making Spencer.

Recommended Age Group

Spencer is intended for those who are at least 11 years old. While the majority of the assembly procedures are simple, some, like soldering and tightening fasteners, call for prudence. Never be afraid to seek an adult for help if you need it. When using certain equipment and approaches, it is usually preferable to be guided.

Assembly Time Required

The construction of Spencer should take, on average, 4 hours to finish. However, take in mind that the timeframe may change based on your prior knowledge and expertise. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with electronics! Enjoy the process, take your time, and don’t let any early difficulties get you down. You’ll grow more used to the procedures as you go along.

Skills Required

To start this DIY project, no special skills are needed. Fun and learning something new are the key goals. Your introduction to the field of electronics via Building Spencer will pique your interest in STEM fields and provide you the chance to get hands-on experience. Consider completing this assignment as the first step towards a lucrative engineering career.

Pros and Cons of Spencer

Pros of Spencer

  • Spencer provides an engaging and interactive experience, responding to voice commands and engaging in conversations to make you feel like you have a real companion.
  • With internet connectivity, Spencer can retrieve information in real-time, giving you quick answers to your questions and saving you time.
  • Spencer can be customized to reflect your style and preferences, allowing you to personalize its appearance, responses, and interactions.
  • Spencer comes with built-in jokes and entertaining responses, adding fun and amusement to your interactions with the voice assistant.
  • Building Spencer provides hands-on learning in electronics, soldering, circuitry, and programming, offering a valuable educational experience in STEM disciplines.

Cons of Spencer

  • The assembly process of Spencer may involve technical aspects such as soldering and component assembly, which can be challenging for beginners or individuals with limited experience.
  • Spencer heavily relies on internet connectivity to provide real-time answers and retrieve information, which means it may have limited functionality in areas with poor or no internet connection.
  • While Spencer offers basic voice assistant features, its capabilities may be more limited compared to advanced commercially available voice assistant devices.


Spencer, creating your own voice assistant is a fascinating and worthwhile endeavor. You’ll learn useful skills, expand your understanding of electronics, and enjoy the thrill of putting a complicated gadget together as you go along with the assembly process. Remember that the purpose of this project is to experience the thrill of learning, solving problems, and letting your imagination run free as well as to produce a final product. So be ready to join Spencer on this journey and discover a world of opportunities in the exciting world of voice assistants.

Get your own Spencer Building kit here: