United Robotics Group presents new modular uLink series for retail, warehouse logistics and production

  • At VivaTech 2024, the United Robitics Group (URG) will be showing the new product in action – together with other robots from the URG fleet, which are fully adapted to the needs of retailers.
  • uLink is a highly flexible, versatile platform for rapid adaptation and support in logistics and automation.
  • uLink is the first URG solution with an open API for seamless integration with operating systems and greater operational flexibility.

Paris/Bochum, May 22, 2024 – At VivaTech in Paris, the United Robotics Group will be presenting its new service robots from the uLink series for the first time, which are characterized by easy integration, flexible customization and individual extensions. They are suitable for use in retail, warehouse logistics and manufacturing. As the European market leader for service robotics solutions, URG is expanding its CobiotX portfolio worldwide with the latest Cobiot for integrated workflows in the aforementioned segments. The modular platform fits seamlessly into the respective workflows and can be expanded with industry-standard accessories. uLink is designed to simplify operations and increase safety and efficiency in various environments. The unique combination of features sets new standards in the industry – from modular design and open API to 3D LiDAR-based navigation and real-time operational data visualization. 

uLink is equipped with IDE, SDK and fleet management tools and allows the seamless integration and control of various components such as LiDARS, engines or sensors. Thanks to powerful software functions for configuring and managing robot applications, as well as sensors and accessories, the robot can easily handle various logistics challenges in trade and warehousing, which vary depending on the industry, company size and automation requirements. The uLink accessory interface is also modular, so that the usable area can carry a payload of up to 60 kg. The SEER navigation control allows deliveries in a predefined area of up to 400,000 m².

With the help of the plug-and-play mechanism, other accessories such as a locker for Click & Collect or confidential deliveries, a pegboard for the delivery of tools and spare parts, and trays for transporting stock can be integrated into the platform. In addition, partner integrators can develop new accessories to meet specific requirements.

„The retail and logistics sector has been undergoing a profound transformation for years, related to the growth of e-commerce, automation and the shortage of skilled workers in the value chain. Whether it’s shelf replenishers or water-spiders, i.e. those responsible for inventory in warehouses or production: it is important to support the players and offer solutions that meet their specific needs,“ explains Thomas Linkenheil, Co-CEO of the United Robotics Group. „In a highly competitive sector, consumers want a fast and personalized service. Our new logistics solution enables service providers to offer up-to-date customer service without long searches in the warehouse or tedious processes that can cost time and affect customer business.“

First Cobiot with an open API for connectivity and flexibility

Like all CobiotX solutions from the United Robotics Group, uLink is also equipped with a particularly user-friendly user interface. It is based on the no-code principle and enables users without robotics knowledge to quickly integrate into daily operations. In addition, uLink has an open API platform. This allows the solution to communicate with existing operations and other connected systems such as automatic doors or elevators, and also work with other robots and automated guided vehicles such as AMRs and AGVs.

With the launch of uLink, United Robotics Group is expanding its range of robotics solutions for logistics, warehouse management and industrial manufacturing. The robot is intended to be used in retail and logistics environments such as department stores, supermarkets, warehouses and fulfillment centers, but also factories and production facilities as well as airports and healthcare facilities.

The robot is equipped with 3D LiDAR and PL LiDAR systems for maximum precision in mobility. The platform can immediately register changes in the environment such as certain movements or people or machines and react accordingly. It is connected to an online dashboard that facilitates both workflow management and quick decisions between front- and back-of-house teams. 

uLink has a long battery life of up to 14 hours on a single charge. In addition, the solution has an intelligent, wireless charging function that was developed with a well-known German battery manufacturer. This allows it to automatically return to the charging station between individual operations. The robot complies with the highest security and privacy standards, including the EU’s Performance Level D Machinery Directive and GDPR regulations. 

uLink, along with United Robotics Group’s logistics and warehouse management fleet, including RBWatcher and MobilePalletizer, will be on display at the company’s VivaTech booth (Hall 1, Booth G18) in Paris from May 22-25. 

uLink can be rented via the RaaS (Robot as a Service) model of the United Robotics Group from 699 euros / month or purchased for 19,900 euros. 

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