The Robo Wunderkind Explorer Kits are finally available for pre-order

The wait is over! The Robo Wunderkind Explorer Kits are finally available for pre-order  In this blog post, find out what makes our newest robotics kits lineup so special, and why it is bound to become a highlight of this Christmas for your child.

Redesigned building blocks, extended functionally, and even more room for fun and learning – all you can think of in STEM represented in the Robo Wunderkind Explorer Kits. Besides the awesome perks you get by pre-ordering early, you and your child will benefit from the unique play and learning experiences these kits bring along. Ready to find out about the coolest features?

LED Display

This new, cube-shaped block offers so many possibilities for kids to be creative! Draw pictures and emotions, display them on the 16*16 resolution screen, and add some artistry to your coding creations. This building block supports animations, so your kid can create projects with short cartoons or text scroll.

Line Follower

Another new feature that our community has been looking forward to: the Line Follower block is our newest addition to the array of building pieces! With this block, your child’s robots can detect and follow lines drawn on the floor. Besides providing many ideas for super fun activities and games, this block is also an essential element of robotics – plenty of learning outcomes guaranteed!


This sensor will help Robo to find its way around: it can recognize which way is up, down, left, and right! You can measure gravitational forces with an accelerometer, just like an astronaut in space. Programmed with our Python API, this sensor will also allow you to calculate your robot’s orientation in 3D space. 

Smart Motors

Each Robo Wunderkind Explorer Kit is now equipped with our new Smart Motors! Besides driving to a precise distance and turning, they now support relative angular positioning of anything you place on top of them.

Project Sharing

The coolest feature is coming to Robo Wunderkind apps: they will be even more fun to play with having our brand new project sharing functionality. Soon, you’ll be able to not only create your own code but also share it with friends and send them to other devices you have at home. Sharing is caring!

Excited for your little inventor to have fun and learn coding with these cool features? Pre-order Robo Wunderkind today, and get a 15% discount on any kit, a free t-shirt for your child, a possibility to upgrade your purchase, and even win an iPad mini! Delivery: end of September 2020.
Pre-order now!

Innorobo, Europe’s leading event dedicated entirely to the robotics sector and its innovations, is now opening its doors in Berlin.

Innorobo is Europe’s leading summit on the worldwide robotics market. 

Innorobo is an inclusive professional robotics trade show aimed to present the state of the art of world robotics to a diverse range of markets through engaging workshops, inspiring keynotes, and content sessions with renowned specialists that deliver meaningful and actionable information. The goal is to encourage cross-innovation and open up new opportunities for growth and diversification in nearly all sectors.

This year, for the first time, Innorobo will open its doors in Berlin at IFA Global Markets.

You can find all information about the show, exhibitors and partners here on the website  

The Expo

The Innorobo exhibition will focus solely on the B2B2C and retail channels, rather than consumer visitors, to ensure maximum opportunity for networking and lead generation.

The expo will be filled with mobile autonomous robots, collaborative robots and advanced technology solutions. Other cutting-edge exhibitor groups from around the globe, including 3D Printing, will also be on display in the IFA Global Markets feature.

The Conference

The conference will take place 5-6 September with the mission to accelerate the adoption of modern robotics – service and collaborative robots for the home and other consumer applications, healthcare, education as well as business and manufacturing. Organized for robot buyers, end users and developers, the conference program focuses on practical and sustainable robots,

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Innorobo, Europas führende Konferenz und Ausstellung rund um das Thema Robotik, öffnet dieses Jahr ihre Tore zum ersten Mal in Berlin

Die erste deutsche Ausgabe der Innorobo findet am 4.- 7. September im Rahmen der IFA in der Station statt. Innorobo ist die führende Robotics Konferenz und Ausstellung und bietet spannende Workshops, inspirierende Keynotes und Inhalte, die fortschrittliche und umsetzbare Informationen, Strategien und Praxisbeispiele liefern.

Die Ausstellung

Die Ausstellung umfasst mobile, autonome und kollaborative Roboter, sowie fortschrittliche Technologie-Lösungen. Weitere globale innovative Produkte und Trends wie z.B. 3D Druck werden ebenfalls präsentiert.

Die Konferenz

Die Konferenz findet am 5.- 6. September statt mit dem Ziel, die Adaption des Bereiches „Moderne Robotics“ zu beschleunigen und zur etablieren. Innorobo bietet hier die optimale Plattform zum Wissensaustausch. Zu den Inhalten gehören u.a. Service- und Arbeitsroboter für den Haus- und Konsumgebrauch, für Medizin, Bildung, sowie für Gewerbe- und Industrie. Zielgruppe sind Einkäufer von Robots, Endnutzer und Entwickler. Der Fokus des Konferenzprogramms liegt auf praktischen und nachhaltigen Robots, sowie aktuellen Trends und Entwicklungen. Hier werden Strategien und Wissen für verschiedene Sparten vermittelt. Themenbereiche sind u.a.:

  • Intelligente und adaptive Technologien
  • Mensch-Roboter Verhalten und Implikation
  • RobotGameChanger Startup Competition
  • Märkte und Anwendungen
  • Human Resources, Recht und Behörden
  • Spezialisierte interaktive Workshops

Innorobo bietet als führende Robotik Konferenz und Ausstellung spannende Workshops, inspirierende Keynotes und Inhalte, die fortschrittliche und umsetzbare Informationen, Strategien und Praxisbeispiele liefern. Das Ziel ist die Förderung von Innovation durch eine optimale Mischung aus Insider-Wissen und Networking.

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