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Meccanoid XL 2.0 Packaging

I want to share all the information about the Meccanoid XL 2.0 you can find on the packaging. If you are interested in this robot, here you can find everything that is visible from the outside. An unboxing and Building Video plus a written review needs some more editing before you will see it here @ The official specifications will follow in a next Post. 

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VEX IQ Unboxing, detail pictures

The VEX IQ system was designed to be simple and easy for students to use. Structural pieces snap together and come apart without tools, allowing for quick build times and easy modifications. A variety of gears, wheels and other accessories allows for complete customisation of VEX IQ projects and mobile robots.

The Robot Brain takes high-end, powerful technology and simplifies it for educational use while keeping a high ceiling. Connect any combination of up to 12 Smart Port devices to the Robot Brain, which can then be controlled by built-in programs or programmed via a computer and compatible software program. In addition to using pre-programmed instructions, VEX IQ robots can be controlled by drivers using the Controller.

VEX IQ sensors, including a color sensor, gyroscope, potentiometer, allow for advanced robots and teaching opportunities.


Here are the pictures i have taken during unboxing:

The complete box with nice sticker on it!

The opened box, showing manual and separator.

Still boxed motors, sensor and some parts in sorting tray.

One unboxed motor

An unboxed distance sensor (ultrasonic).

A touch-sensor/bumper.

A Touch-LED, a touch sensor able to show 16mio diff. colors.

Electronic parts come with a small manual.

All this stuff hides under the sorting tray.

The battery pack for the robot brain.

A color sensor.

Big set of cables in various length.

The battery charging station with battery on it.


Gyro sensor

The robot brain


…and a lot of other parts, gears, shafts, etc…

…and even more parts…